Objavljeno 10. jan. 2021
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)

🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔵 JJ (KSI)



  • Feel kinda bad for jj

  • 1:12:26 got me “nah’ ni**a their mine

  • Sidemen: only have 5 minutes to buy stuff Video: 1 hour, 23 minutes Me: how in the physics....

  • 1:13:56 I love Harry🤣🤣

  • Wait what did Ethan do to jj ?

  • I really enjoyed this video until tobi and the others told jj to stop breaking Ethan’s stuff could’ve been such a banger

  • 1:18:40 Ethan momentarily forgets his rich

  • Hellcat & a Rolex easy

  • 1:13:55 had me dying

  • Vik's going to heaven!

  • wtf

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  • Jjs laughs at 1:16:00 lmaooo

  • J

  • E

  • W

  • Y didn’t Ethan buy jj anything

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  • I couldve had an action man :(

  • So unappreciative

  • They managed to make an hour and a half long video, out of spending money in 5-minutes. How did they go from 5-minutes to an hour and 20 minutes.

    • 7 people with 5 minutes each = 35 minutes + all other edits, formalities (intro + outro)

  • this called vikk is so cringe why would he spend the rest of the money on a charity instead of buying gifts for his friend??? so cringe...

  • Ethan why

  • 23:48 did he just call him Deji?

  • In the end JJ got more than Ethan, what I mean is Ethan got nothing 😂

  • 1:13:40 is the funniest thing that has ever come out of harries mouth

  • 1:15:35 man i feel bad, ethan always gets the piss and now he finally could get his revenge but nope, everyone else including jj is nice to him and he genuinenly feels bad

  • I wanna do this with my friends so badly

  • JJ has 10k and goes on Amazon. SMH

  • Harry bouta do the 1000 layer challange

  • I’m sorry but wtf is amizen

  • Yo vik with the bars “ if we got a budget to blow this is where we go”

  • aww so mean poor jj

  • jj wont ever be nice in these cause of ethan

  • Bro when JJ started stabbing that controller 🤣

  • Vik and toby are soo wholesome

  • VIK = MVP

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  • see if these guys played instruments this would've been over in 2 minutes

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  • Bro from donations to charity to lube 😂😂

  • bruh buy a ps5 and a xbox series x and get an expensive pc

  • He got the brawn gp scooter that's amazing

  • guys dont be dumb, ethan gto nothing, jj got his own gifts. he got the macbook and the iphone and ethan got nothing. feel bad for ethans. it dosentfucking matter if he thought of it, ethan hss felt this his entire life so think before comment u jj dk riders

  • That was kinda a low blow from Ethan, felt bad for jj

  • L

  • Who is here from the short

  • For 5 minutes this video looking kinda long :|

  • I have Never seen Vik and Tobi Gift something Mean or spend on some stupid stuff In all of the Gift video’s.

  • 5 minutes became an hour long video..... Uhh

  • I just came back to rewatch this when I found it on the clips channel but does anyone else notice how Josh’s hand is shaking when Ethan goes bust

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  • Watching back at this video and releasing what Ethan got JJ compared to his presents, I actually can't believe Ethan did him like that.. JJ there have been so many videos lately and I think he needs to make a video of Ethan giving JJ presents to each of his characters.. title can be "Behzinga spends useful presents to each of JJ's characters"

  • I actually felt sad for JJ when he didn't get anything, even tho he really tried to give something cool.

  • It’s called 5 minutes to spend 100k but it’s an hour long?

    • Bc they also had to show the stuff they got them 5x7 btw

  • lol if it was me id just buy a car:)

  • I would end anyone for 10k they playing with it smh

  • Harry may I have some condoms please

  • they have 5 mins but the video is 1 hr long

  • when no one visit sidemen shop sed

  • *VIKKK🥺*


  • why did they cut out a bunch of parts

    • Look at how long the vid is

  • Man why they buying for gfs.

  • Jj should have gave the gifts to Ethan so that Ethan would have been so guilty.

  • This intro was so cringe no offence

  • Thanks for the video

  • That magikarp is fake

  • Jesus is the truth….

  • 5 min to use 100k and the video is of 1hr 30min

  • This video should have been sponsored by MrBeast

  • Why is everyone making a big deal about the JJ and Ethan thing. It was just very good banter for the video Im sure they were no hard feelings.

  • tobi is so grateful, man was nearly in tears when vik was showing him the lego set

  • boys could've just bought crypto

  • I just realized ethans blue eyes😩😩🔥

  • this is my favorite video man

  • where is harry’s shirt from?

  • Sidemen say 5 minutes to spend $100000, also the video title: 1 hour and 30 minutes

  • “ya silly b*tch”

  • They don't even know what to buy coz they did too much of these videos

  • mans jj got some ptsd from this video, hes scarred for life and never going to be nice for anyone ever again XDDDDD

  • Rip for JJ. I would've kept Ethan's presents for myself

  • 42:38 JJ what’s that picture fam

  • Simon ungrateful fam

  • Wow. Vik’s gifts were phenomenal !

  • This has to be one of the funniest Sidemen videos of all time bro 😭😭 too many good moments

  • maybe all give 100k food to people who don't have any. But ohno, we need to entertain people with our endless crap

  • as much as i love JJ, that was bloody hilarious 😂

  • Vikk and tobi are noice

  • Please do that again With spending money online It was hilarious 💪🏻👏🏻🤣

  • an L on Ethans behalf

  • I would have just went to eBay and bought a car

  • that part when harry got simon so simons girlfriend said to harry to get him a handbag but harry said no u silly b *#$^h bruv i nearly died of laughter

  • Video: sideman have 5 minutes to spend 100k Also the video: oh but it’s an hour long video

  • Should of got an Apple Mac Pro which is over 1/2 the budget as a base model

  • Title: sidemen have 5 minutes to spend 100 000$ Video: 1 hour and 23 minutes

  • I just about died watching this

  • 5 mins in title the video 1 hour

  • Why is Zerkaa noncing Harry?

  • I would’ve lost my mind on StockX