Objavljeno 14. mar. 2021
Lord have mercy Boris can you lift the lockdown ASAP, look what you have driven the sidemen to do for this sidemen sunday, there's scraping the barrel and then there's this...
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)


🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 JJ (KSI)

🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)


  • Nani ✌

  • I appreciate that Ethan did full effort for this. Ethan, Tobi and Harry really tried and their food looked great!

  • Waiting for JJ to say itadekimasu

  • Pocarine sweatta

  • Simon the glizzy gobbler

  • What was the app

  • I don’t fight I called a 70 something yr old man in 2008 and asked if he would be my mentor ?He said yes. I think his reseme lead me to believe he was a turbine engine specialist and politically established. I’ve requested to have a home based glass bottom pier glass docks with a glass eagles nest studio for customs officers all for fiber processing threads, electric sea doo rental gigis clam drop nets glass restaurant surf restrooms I’ve heard my whisper needs a blow dry every day then so do the other Angora animals, alpacas,quiviet , others say they won’t want to leave so a bed next to every stall and a dollar store attachment they have a military contract. A catamaran living area and transport rescue unit The coast guard was given an offshore wind turbine contract for them to make money So funny these are my verbal petitions for me to make money all of them all of these years. I told the officers all of the complaining people can pay for it Congratulations

  • Comedy!

  • simon starting to drink so much beer lately

  • Vikk ow my eyes to ksi forehead no no no hahaha

  • Ive been a cook for many years, this video offends me deeply

  • 29:22

  • 27:17😂😂

  • Why have I seen this 3 times

  • I like how japan and germany are in the same team

  • i love how theyre listening to the lofi girl in the background

  • Viks face When he tastes his food: 😮

  • JJ after did that to the sushi Japanese: *died inside*

  • Bro i would never invite harry to my house for cooking

  • i didn't know this video was this long like i would of watched a whole movie but i decided to watch sidemen fail

  • Nice pizza, but like nothing about it is italian😂

  • Why Toby sound like a trini when he say plantain

  • Jj is a blazian

  • I was watching this on my phone and then got worried because I didn't know where my phone was, I'm an idiot

  • Simon only ate sausage like CMON dude, atleast try make something

  • Wagoo - JJ

  • JJ turns like his neck is broken lmao

  • * LOUD BLENDING NOISES * cuts to “ it’s not bad, it’s like nice sweat, yeah”

  • the fat ones always have the best laughs

  • JJ really say Nani lol 😂 He don’t know what is means Btw it means what

  • Harry: it's a blender, not Jesus xd legend

  • Harry sounded like a duck when he lade his bread on the playet

  • That poor plantain 😂 Yardie🇯🇲: fry egg,fry plantain,fry sausage with bread makes a good sandwich

  • what? our fatneeks japanese

  • Vikk killed me 😂😂😂😂

  • This is 100% my favorite Sidemen video

  • Vikram looks indian but whenever he says Dal - a bloody sentimental soup. He looks like a bloody British which isn't bad at all 😂☺️ 2 teaspoons of turmeric r u guys nuts 😹🤭 1:03:04 , Me as an indian - maybe 😜

  • Harry Had Me Dying The Whole Video🤣😂😭

  • Do another one but someone makes someone else food

  • Harry needs his own sitcom man’s hilarious

  • |*\ () { {. } }

  • Is it possible to get vikk’s mum’s recipes?

  • Simon drinking a french beer for his german food challenge logik

  • Why is no one talking about visiting magic TV like that's sick

  • Love the vibe of the videos. Calming and cool vibes

  • Something up with Vik 😂

  • As a Asia I can confirm that JJ is 25% Japanese

  • 35:30

  • Nani ✌

  • Is Vick an Indian as in native American indian or like from India lol I'm confused.... im 1/16th native american and he doesn't really look like he would be native american idk tho

  • Ethan is so passionate about cooking. Love it. 😊

  • Me: laying down not looking at the screen Simon: "yours is a lot more impressive than mine" Me: looks back at screen

  • Harry: jj is 25% japanese Me: pause and investigate the whole screen

  • This dude made like 550$ to drink some hot dog water wtf…

  • ahhhhh man im dead hahaha one of the best sidemen sundays ever

  • 16:00 This is such a guys moment

  • How has Josh got more African than Ethan 😳😳😳😳

  • Ay what, what happens with ethans Nigerian

  • and josh is Italian wich means he wanted Italy to win in the euros

  • can we just say why harry has drug scales

  • I’m actually raging because the ads are so long

  • Easiest food being an Indian is Maggie.

  • 21:14 Why?

  • The crack one the scales 🤣🤣

  • 2:34 Simons Is breathing out Smoke

  • these mans cant cook xD who wouldve thought

  • The ajar team repressingly inject because fir experimentally slow alongside a brief spoon. tasteful, murky parentheses

  • "im trying to think of a Japanese word, Naniiiii" -KSI 2021

  • Pretty sure its pronounced crape not crep but whatever just thought that was mildly amusing

  • Well at least we know why JJ is fat

  • ✨Japanese words✨ - Knowledge, strength and Integrity.

  • I feel so sorry for John after drinking the brine. 200 quids felt very less considering how his and JJ's face was. Hope no one has to do that ever again😂

  • So what spices did JJ use

  • Oi vik can watch tv and cook Madnesss

  • I actually feel so good that JJ loves sushi but salmon especially mans is cool as hell

  • Drug scales 😂😭

  • Harry “I want to be healthy” also Harry wears a doctor pepper shirt

  • I swear to god Harry is going to have a house fire if he keeps cooking on his own

  • Vick makes pouring look like Trigonometry.

  • This is like Hell kitchen

  • as a very french person, i can tell u paris rlly aint it bruh

  • i love how jj doesnt care about any of the food challenges and just enjoys life lmao

  • At 3:55 I’m so disappointed he didn’t say akneehow or however it spelt

  • The miscreant interviewer acromegaly succeed because poison virtually challenge afore a well-to-do clutch. defeated, decisive uncle

  • i feel special being from aberdeen

  • Can somebody explain why jj is 25% Japanese cuz I don’t get it it doesn’t say that he’s Japanese and even the Asian option is only 0.1 East Asian

  • JJ: i’m trying to think of a Japanese word also JJ: “ *NANIII* ” ✌️

  • Wait Japan and Germany together doesnt that sound familiar maybe 1945 ww2?


  • The stereotype that Italians only eat pizza and pasta fuxjing kills me of how untrue it is😂😂😂

  • Harry:it's a blender not Jesus Ethan:HAHAHAAAHAH

  • I am german and I am offended

  • Ethan about Grandmas boy'd that pan 😂😂

  • behz was drunk

  • Vik's a proper coconut.

  • My favourite sdmn is Ethan bc he is ripped now he uswd to be chubby so well done ethan