Objavljeno 27. jun. 2021
The Sidemen take on The Wheel! Enjoy!
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Thanks to @Stephen Tries @Calfreezy @Callux & @Niko Omilana

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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)


🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 JJ (KSI)

🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)


  • Should have put willne on lol

  • 43:40 Stephen Hawking if he was....

  • are they required to do a little dance as the wheel spins?

  • I do triple science

  • I do triple scienec

  • Stephen tries was just brilliant 👏👌. Better than many professionals out there. Just wow. He raised the bars. Wow a TV show should hire him. He was all jokes 😁😁💯💯

  • 43:55 LOOK AT JJ FACE 😂🤣🤣

  • The fact that there’s no ads on this…

  • What an intro

  • still can't believe they got the ACTUAL set for the ACTUAL show!

  • i cant fathom that jj got it right

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  • I noticed how Niko and Chunkz role in the sidemen videos are just taking JJ and The Sidemens money Dragons den, Phil Cook off, Hide and seek beta squad house, the Wheel...

  • Ethan took that personally

  • Bring me on as your american friend.... everyone hroup needs atleast 1 american right?

  • This is funny but I’m American and I don’t really get this? Is this a British-show that they are on or just in a similar set or…?

  • I would watch this every week with different people

  • 49:30 ya ever heard of John Lennon?

  • Wait are there real audience? It sounds so real


  • Lol harry wearing pajama bottoms

  • 58:00

  • Simon at the beginning was so funny🤣😂

  • 44:00

  • Being born and raised in Coventry that cut deep 😂

  • Can we appreciate Stephen for standing for 1 hour 11 minutes and 45 seconds

  • Alternative Title:Stephen Bullying Harry MMA Lewis


  • Stephen!!!!

  • did bts came here NO did sidemen came here YES

  • Stephen tries is really the 🐐

  • I find it crazy how little they know about MMA I watch it all the time haha

  • What? This is not actual TV show?

  • The whisper in the end felt good "He's done it..."

  • 31:12 MAKE ME BLUE AGAIN lmfao

  • 5:00 what did he sayyyyy

  • Are there really an audience or these are just sound effects lol

  • Why were none of them gaming and why was jj not boxing

  • everyone complementing the sidemen for the quality. but its all BBC programming

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  • Who tf veramby

  • Can’t believe he came for cov like that 🥲

  • Greeks after hearing the pronunciation of Pankration: there was no sound, he just died.

  • hi

  • is we gonna slide by that ethan has waves

  • Waiting for sidemen sunday

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  • Production level 📈📈

  • Whoever did the subtitles, LMAO XD

  • No way- they got the fricking set.

  • This is the coolest thing!! Sdmn can’t be beat at this point! No one even comes close.. looo at the quality of production!!

  • Just had a huge thought most of this is a green screen

  • Sorry, but who has ever listened to Spandau Ballet - Gold?

  • Ethan looks like he has waves

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  • 43:59 - The rare return of JJ's rape face.

  • Next level production.

  • Not bad

  • 44:00 LMAO JJ

  • genuinely thought Steven was a real host PHENOMENAL hosting, set and editing!!

  • why the sidemen becomes tv?

  • Niko the Neek

  • Should’ve been Harry on MDMA not MMA smh

  • Does Niko hate Ethan or something, because he only picks Ethan as red?

  • Everyone: Stephen tries is great Me: no, he is good

  • Ethan’s trim looks sharp af in this banger

  • Stephen makes a great game show host!

  • Stephen: "All of the wheel got it right".. Everyone: "Huh, actually yes, yes we did"

  • ksi on every topic: im abt to end this mans whole career

  • I was screaming at the screen when he said Budweiser😂

  • That’s an incredible stage

  • JJ is king of meme

  • Lol i am late but at 23:15, even though the photograph for the distracted boyfriend was taken in 2015 the meme only started in 2017, so he was right.

  • Pankration was an organisation not a martial art yo

  • 43:31

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  • E

  • I've watched that intro like 30 times. Excellent guys!

  • Stephen is actually such a good and funny host lmao get him on TV

  • That's what my face also 43:57

  • We need a part two of the weel

  • The distracted boyfriend one was a trick question. The guy took the photo in 2015 but didnt post it until 2017.

    • ok cool? but the question isn’t wrong. it says what year we’re we introduced to it, not when it was taken

  • niko is so arrogant

  • Shouldn't it be Harry on mdma?

  • I loved this.

  • the fact that jj said look it in instead of lock it in 48:49 😂

  • my cheeks deadass clenched waiting for the answer

  • Plz make part 2

  • Yo can we take a moment an appreciate what a class act Cal was at the end to give 10k to the host and the other contestants. Wow a true unselfish great act of kindness a proper kind gesture that he in no way needed to do. Not sure who else would even do that or even if the players would have. Round of applause for that man! Im a fan for sure now. Also when he said the last 3 experts names, Josh, Simon and Vik. I've watched them play other games and Josh is a solid pick and smart man. And I would have picked him too. To be fair he couldn't have got luckier. Like Vik is a no brainer, Simon is very smart and Josh as well. So is Tobi and I've seen Harry have his moments.

  • They totally rigged it with the Prime Minister's category. He should have never said anything.

  • My 1 and only complaint would be to just shorten the music when they are spinning around to pick the judge or expert. Like when they go gold. The just too long. Like the music literally stops at one point but then starts up again. It should just stop there for good. That's it my only complaint Other than that, this is absolutely a flawless game show that really needs to be on TV in England/Britain and The U.S.A. It's 20 seconds n should be just 10

  • Science with jj lol

  • Stephen is just perfect for hosting this.

  • Dude they legit can have their own show. This idea is brilliant. The show "This is not the Chase" was brilliant. Like this whole production was amazing! I legit thought it was on television. The host was so great! The comedy was perfect. The whole thing so fuckin great!!!! With the fake audience laughs, wasnt corny at all. It worked well. I am utterly blown away! The cameras that they used, Top notch! Stunned how good it is. Wow! These men need to pitch these ideas to major television stations. 36:44 Wait this is actually on live TV and the crowd is real!?! *Omfg! WAY TO FUCKIN GO SIDEMEN!! TALK ABOUT MAKING IT!!! I HAD NO CLUE!*

  • I feel like I’m watching television

  • 0:40 Vik ACTUALLY got some muscles

  • What was the budget for this video

  • Who puts Harry on MMA after the 20 vs 1