Objavljeno 30. avg. 2020
The Sidemen form 2 teams & race across the country. Enjoy!
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)

🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔵 JJ (KSI)



  • Seriously they really need to do this again...this is one of the best sidemen video I've ever seen

  • Btw that song that josh’s team sang is a Sheffield Wednesday song

  • Their standing next to sheep asking if there's sheep there

  • "accross uk" misses out scotland, whales and irland. but good vid i enjoyed

  • Simon Ethan and Tobi singing that Sheffiekd tune was the most cringe thing I ever seen on this channel.

  • 50,000 pounds is more than 50,000 dollars

  • Still watching this in 2021, so we got 1mil likes lets see once covid is done that, they will do one in Europe

  • the other team tob, etahn and simon should have parked on londons perimeter and tubed to the eye i guarantee they would have won

  • Million likes done?


  • Josh: THE K I N G M A K E R 👑

  • Ethan drunk and drove?

  • 1 million likes, come on sidemen! Another!

  • 1 mil likes done, now it's time for Europe lads

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  • To be fair Ethan should’ve gone for something non alcoholic as he’s basically saying drinking and then driving is acceptable 😬

  • Josh is the underdog

  • I see 1 million likes, so it will be across Europe.

  • 40:00 vik had messed up with both teams

  • My boy vikk is a car guy! 💪🏽💪🏽

  • mil btw

  • Just imagine JJ and Ethan being a team just them😂💀😂💀😂

  • Vik flexing his astonmartin uk

  • Should do it in Europe now

  • Still can't wait for the one that they will go across Europe since it has reached 1mil likes

  • metal sphere sprint

  • Josh, JJ and Harry are the losers. They took plane to only have a 10 minute headstart.

  • Once COVID is done they should do one of theses in America (after Europe of course)

  • Big josher for the win

  • I was hoping so much that simons team will win

  • Ethan jinks it by say that the other team was going to lose by 5 minutes but they lost by 5 minutes 😂

  • 🔥

  • do another one of these its such a good and underrated concept!

  • its a Million lad prep for exfil

  • Oi look, a mil likes

  • looking forward to across europe still

  • tobi didt hit the crossbar it flew over

  • IS THIS A JOJO (part 7) REFRENCE cuze the main thing in part 7 is racing across america for 500 million dollars$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • All of the sidemen trying to get to the other side vik just chill

  • 28:40 is apparently how Josh got to school

  • Do one in norway

  • race across europe????

  • hello

  • "When Covid's done", they didnt even wear masks for 99% of the video lmaooo

  • 9.31 Tobi witnessed Ronaldo 🔥

  • Just 5 mins gap right after Josh's team arrived at the finish line whilst they rent a private jet. Just wow, Simon's team absolutely smashed this one with their very own small car.

  • The whole time saying they are one step ahead even though they were one step behind 😳

  • We don’t want to wait until the covid restrictions are lifted, they should just do the next race in Florida or something

  • Titanfall a man of culture

  • The way vik cold started his car and revved it 😡


  • More of yhese pls

  • Every sidemen doin a race through england w sm tasks to do, meanwhile vik casually speeding in his aston martin haha

  • 4:43 what is jj saying hahaha I m crying 😂😂😂😂

  • Josh is like the best sidemen at plannings

  • Squat jogs from harry🤣🤣🤣, jus like 4 lions

  • The gratitude from simon ethan and toby on way back to london was really nice thats how it should be

  • Make more sidemen sundays and travelling challenges like this its jus the best for many reasons so make more like it,with vik presenting

  • Do the europe race now make it really good like this one though,dont mix the teams up too much as these were the best teams,

  • Watchin this agen after ages wt a sidemen sunday,this ws a crazy challenge really good,everyone ws sick played their part and the teams were really good too,and the tasks were jus mad too

  • KSI : What if we just buy the car $$$$$$

  • 30:02 joshes yeh matches with the song

  • I trained at Jones Memorial ground for 2 years wtf

  • 12:47 Ethan coming from 100 to 10 in seconds XD

  • we need part 2 now

  • This vid slapped fr I’ve watched it like 10 times

  • 43:45

  • Vik speeding. Outrageous

  • I love how vik actually gets to enjoy life while everyone else is running around.

  • This is a lot of money for a race

  • do one in USA

  • that is the worst beach i've seen

  • We not gonna talk ab jj hitting the crossbar the same time harry did

  • ain’t no way a leeds fan just sung a united song

  • Anyone else notice jj, John and Simon didn’t go to a pub with son in the name

    • what who is John and JJ and simon is on the opposite team

  • Its at a million now hopefully soon we get to see them take on europe

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  • 21:49 I was watching this part and got a beer ad right as Simon took a drink

  • 10:40 I bet those goats will forever remember the time they met the most famous SLflow Group in the UK Along with the fact that they're millionaires

  • Fun fact: everyone checked the title when Vik said it would change it to dollars

  • Love the team 👊

  • 1 year later still no Race across the Uk in Europe😔

    • We gotta wait for covid

  • I'm burning to much time watching this lol why fly to Nottingham or even go there just by a fancy dress costume wear it in Scotland and fly to London

  • Could enjoy Scotland for most of this and get just book a heli to London

  • Jj deserves this win

  • It´s sad, this is one of the best sidemen videos ever made and one that all sidemen clearly enjoyed making yet its stuck with low views. Meanwhile tinder and dating videos whom all but JJ hate making get massive views. Its easy to see why the sidemen are struggling with video ideas now simply because most sidemen don´t want to make content like the tinder videos anymore but still want to produce bangers like they used to.


  • 39:33 did I just hear some filipino talking in the background?

  • "Round these ends there's bare sheep" might be the most British thing I've ever heard

  • hqppy 1 year of this video

  • "Mid lands"

  • Wow they were driving on the wrong side the whole time xD

  • rip to her arm

  • as someone who lives in sheffield i feel proud i know where they are in the start

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  • We gonna talk about how Simon had to hug JJ before they left

  • it’s funny how jj goes from screaming to being calm and collected when fans walk past him 😭😭

  • Do Europe now. We've hit a million


  • 👌🏻👏👍