Objavljeno 19. jul. 2020
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🔵 JJ (KSI)
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  • XD I will eat anyway and go on a diet later

  • XD this one is abt me sometimes…! Move

  • Thanks for my boyfriend and sidemen playful Contents

  • I forgot to reply guys over there

  • Birch isn’t bad meaning !

  • Yoooo👋👋👋💯

  • We don’t need best all the time

  • XD was very relaxing music

  • Need to study mor English lol

  • My laughing abit late

  • XD alchols lol

  • 34:00

  • Go to 30:12 or 30:13

  • i love than's laugh

  • Why do they call harry bog

  • We about to see jj+fish hybrids

  • 8:48

  • Is it legal to just scoop fish out the water with a net in the UK? Harry’s a cheater lol and that’s illegal here in America

  • JJ and Harry are absolute chaos incarnations 🤣🤣

  • Boys will be boys

  • 28:47 just close your eyes and hear jj simon and tobi the conversayion sounds so wrong and double meaning

  • HAHAHA JJ your so funny!

  • Kon should post a BTS of this video

  • No how is this one year

  • me just slowly turning my volume down when JJ was in the river

  • The fact them poles aren't in the key makes me cry inside

  • -1 hygiene = JJ

  • This was such a sick video man hahahaha

  • 25:10

  • KSI is just too much sometimes. Like in a bad way. Chill bro 🤦‍♂️

  • Very fun video

  • At 25:11 , is vikk not in the drone shot ?

  • JJ : we have alcohol Vik : hit me (×4)

  • That bit between JJ just slashing and Harry taking the tent into the river. Literally had crying 😂😂😂

  • Harry is dumb anyways just jealous they got there’s done first

  • The Sidemen remind of a mixture between: The Office, The Inbetweeners & Karl Pilkington 😂

  • It is insane to me that so many people have no idea how to set up a tent.

  • i have never laughed so much

  • Imagine these people making subtitles for the river bit 🤣

  • ethan's laugh is the best lmfao

  • Ngl forget about all the bullying thing but ksi likes vik the most.

  • Man see the diversity JJ - Black Simon - White Vik - brown/wheatish I wish all the world was like this

  • 5:09 jj's face😭😂

  • 24:32 Toby ❤️

  • That drone shot is cool

  • Fook

  • this is war :D

  • JJ was really concentrating on opening the cheese packet 😂😂😂

  • Harry and JJ showed the spirit of Tom and Jerry

  • This is the funniest video I have ever seen I was laughing for so long

  • 36:40 this whole story part was hilarious 💀

  • I didn't expect a camping video to be this funny as it is and whoever is doing the background music the awkward instrumentals are making it 10 times funnier

  • 19:42 Turn on the ENG Sub

  • I bet no one subs to me from this comment

  • Jj needs to leave

  • Excuse me cow, your scaring the fish - vik

  • Part 2?

  • Sidemen go camping part 2 would be good


  • Why does Simon do his burger like that

  • I like Harry’s merch TGFBRO

  • I qin Ethan m

  • can u do another pls

  • 14:14

  • they did not include vik in thumbnail as well

  • Ethans laugh makes Harry’s jokes 5x better

  • even the cows have a higher iq than JJ

  • "Yo ethan come in man" , nah I think jj is though 😂

  • Could of driven to a shop and bought a blow up tent in less time to build those tents 😂

  • Title: Sidemen Go Camping. Video: Sidemen proceed not to camp.

  • Harry ruins everything

  • These videos could genuinely be a TV series

  • 33:50 thats what she said

  • 11:55 , the most in sync moment the sidemen have ever had

  • JJ wtf y did u have to shot in a shovel and the throw it at Harry's tent

  • the vibes between Harry, Behz, Josh and Tobi were way off when they were sitting around the fire

  • 27:13 'I don't think fish exist' - Boggo 2020

  • i think simon hates vik

  • Wotah 💧 😂

  • We need a part 2!!

  • Harry running away with the tent is the funniest thing I have ever seen

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  • Ethan:hahahahah😂🤣

  • Best Thing about Sidemen video is who came up with the idea will lead the video

  • 34:28 lol Harry violating behz 😂😂

  • For once i legit thought that jj is going to forgive harry but then he started stabbing and i was like there he is... Our Babatunde.

  • 21:22 literally god of war

  • JJ won't survive a week in the wild

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  • "we're not going to catch any fish... so lets just let the river suck us off."

  • Harry is my favourite sidemen just because of what he did to the other teams tent that was well funny

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  • 30:32 " JOSH "


  • 31:59 look how white simon is

  • One of their best ever vids tbh

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  • Jj is so good at mooing🤣🤣🤣

  • 12:48

  • Ethan's laugh never changes, it's priceless🤣😂