Objavljeno 4. okt. 2020
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)

🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔵 JJ (KSI)



  • Ksi took all the money and the balls

  • 0:48 cringe

  • Harry always says brother when he is lying

  • Vik is being dumb about this

  • i mean, ksi is black. how did vik not see it coming?

  • why do dollars and not pounds?

  • snakeski

  • Vik carried the whole 90,000 k only to get finessed

  • How did JJ know which ball was the steal one? He just chose one of the two and it was steal, not like he knew which one was split and which one was steal

  • miniminters face and eyes in this video are creepy

  • tbh Vikk lost by himself cause he did not vote JJ in the penultimate round

  • JJ is an L for that

  • JJ: Why would I Lie The whole game is lying

  • I knew he would steal lol

  • What happened to simons eyes at the start of the video

  • How would he know that ball is steal? It's not his fault lol

  • When the K finally stands for KNOWLEDGE But S for SNAKE

  • vik needed to flex so then he decided to buy a house

  • Not the first time an indian being tricked by the bri ish 😭😭😭 Should have known better vikey

  • It's hypothetical money right?

  • How many of them had covid?

  • Vin should've went with harry since it was guaranteed at least 30k

  • Simon: Let’s see your balls Me: That’s What She Said!

  • tobiiii

  • 35:47 don't mind me

  • ik a vid idea.. well maybe.... 3v3 steal or split

  • best video ever

  • Vik is so gullible. Everyone knows JJ was gonna steal.

    • I mean what else could he have done

  • Do the second video plzz

  • i have to say that simon is looking damn handsome here

  • God/Jesus loves y’all

  • Every vikk fan: fck ksi Calm down voll didnt get poor because of that. Hr still makes a lot

  • snake

  • This is the most boring video I have seen today

  • Vik is sus

  • this is rly off topic but harry and simon's eyes in this vid.... 😩😮

  • I hate u jj

  • Vik u fool!!!

  • I kept thinking of Ethan from Tinder irl when he kept saying that one dude was a d!ckhead

  • Snake

  • Snake

  • Jj is a snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeee

  • 0:58 bro that’d actually be quite sad if this scene appeared if ethan had died or something…

  • biggest snake of the year

  • Vik was really hurt after what jj did to him

  • @9:09 Vik lol

  • Bruh its just a game why is he sad if didnt wants he would just said no

  • Thanks!

  • Knowledge ✅ Strength ✅ Integrity ❌ Dang JJ, dang

    • He does not have knowledge😂

  • JJ could have split the money still

  • I dislike the fact that Vik was kinda a sore loser because they're friends so does it really matter???

  • Yes JJ yes 👍


  • Vik crying inside

  • I won’t actually go for one side. Cause its the game and jj played it very well and vikk too reach the end.!! Soo its a good play fir JJ.!!😂 and vikk ❤️❤️❤️❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • Man vik is the best bro

  • Damn JJ

  • I knew jj would steal he just loves money he sais that all the time haha felt so bad for vik though even though its not real

  • Vik i think had more money than jj at that time 😅

  • To be fair, the video wouldn't at all be as funny if JJ hadn't done that

  • Only time in history of the Sidemen that I was actually disappointed by JJ ngl

  • no

  • gulps*


  • wait was it a random pick or did they both know which was which?

  • this is like candy compared to their net worth

  • The idea was great I just watched the video the fact that betrayal won at the end was dramatic but I can't rate the video highly without Ethan he is my favorite 😔😞

  • Harry is the surrounded by idiots should be the title lol

  • Bro anyone notcied how harry lied he said he had 2 31,000

  • Money doesn't buy happiness it only rents it -ksi

  • Jj with the biggest back stab in history

  • who is paying jj the 93k though?

  • Omg how selfish & greedy is JJ Yh? After Vik was the one who scored the win with eliminating the killer & getting the 50k 😔 I’d need to see a therapist after that backstab from JJ if I was Vik

  • I don't get it, does he get to keep the money?

  • When everyone thinks jj is dumb but when it comes to money he smarter than all the sidemen

  • Jj sus

  • Knowledge :Outplayed everyone Strength: Strong enough to be a DEMON Integrity: Stand 10 toes down in that decision

  • To be fair jj only did it for content purposes they are actually good friends an if they were on the real show Im sure he wouldve split

  • Love how simon just sits back and enjoys it

  • when vik said “i needed validation” i felt that deep in my soul.

  • After finally watching this legendary video, man, Vik was tryna get JJ out at the start so to be fair though

  • Discount code: KSNAKE

  • Duuuuuuude he went full salty 😂😂which is the right thing in this situation btw

  • Vikk crying like its real money

    • I mean, JJ did end up getting the video money

  • Annoying how they say dollars they not American

    • Its to get a wider audience. If they want to make money they should go further than the uk only

  • I would have voted JJ out the 100k was obviously a lie

  • 11:35 JJ goes siksiksiksiks like no tomorrow

  • 25:01 why did vik look so innocent

  • This reminds me of the jerry springer show HAHAHAAH

  • pre-watching guesses: harry and vik have killers

  • looking back at this now jj looks like he all bout that crypto "killers take the zero ITS MAD"

  • Disappointed

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  • Ssssssnnnnnnaaaaakkkkkeee

  • Watching this just makes laugh josh in the background his not mad he's just disappointed

  • Honestly, watching JJ rage is better than watching movies.

  • Shoutout to Vik for being a decent loser...

  • 45:47 he was never the same

  • The nutty space equally twist because pound rarely weigh around a serious use. invincible, electric timbale

  • Feeling sad for vikk, if it was harry, he would have got half of it atleast 💀😬