Objavljeno 13. jun. 2021
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)


🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 JJ (KSI)

🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)


  • who is this off brand gordan ramsey?

  • I feel like Phil is actually a really nice guy irl😂😂

  • yay i love phill Funny how he is being nice to ethan just so he can be in more videos Then he bullies the others and still wants to be in This came out on my birthday and they brought back my favorite person for the video Thanks Guys

  • POV: every 5 seconds f#$king 0ff

  • i wanna ksi vs phil

  • Niko and chunkz ruined the video, they were so disrespectful to Phil and rude. Also wtf language does chunkz speak

  • All me

  • 39:35

  • They do know that the alcohol in the wine cooks out when they put it on heat right. So there was no point in yelling at him.

  • Is no one going to talk about how Ethan is actually good at cooking?

  • 1:12

  • #1

  • But phil was funny too

  • Bro can't lie the chef is disrespecting the food

  • Eyes asking for help. 🥲 6:54 Harry 20:07 KSI 28:58 Vik 32:36 Ethan 38:29 josh

  • 40:01 pure savagery😈

  • First time hearing about this guy so excuse me for stating the obvious but is he TRYING to sound like a Gordon Ramsay ripoff?

  • Craigslist gordon ramsay

  • 48:51 for some reason phil breaking character was oddly wholesome


  • We NEED more people like Janet

  • 40:00

  • Is it me or chunkz looks like a fatter version of dababy?

  • Hell’s Kitchen more like ksi kitchen

  • All I wanted throughout the whole vid was jj to punch Phil

  • 39:55 Gordon Ramsey bit… your welcome :)

  • Iconic how 2 to black person kept cleaning while the whites ones left😂😂

  • 57:23 tobi hahaha

  • JJ: help me. Pleaseee

  • Phil reminds me of my dad

  • Omg this is soooo funny, pls make more videos with him

  • How does Phil’s voice display so much anger but his face is so bland

  • Chef Ramsey: That’s my brother :DD

  • They Should of called it Sidemen Hell's Kitchen

    • theyre getting gordon ramsay for a video later this year, that will be hell kitchen

  • Can we take a minute to realise that red team have won 3 cook-off’s

  • I felt like that’s second meal was never going to be complete


  • 36:40

  • harry doesnt get mad at phil, and hes the only one

  • did ethan actually end up having a mental breakdown in the end? 🤣

  • the guests r cringe.. the chef is the biggest cringe.. the whole video is cringe.

    • @ツSenpai omg ur so cringe get help

    • Than why waste 1:23:11 of time?

  • Phil was the most entertaining person in the whole video

  • Phil is a resident evil boss

  • Phill is a gd actor tho if someone screamed at me like This fr I swear somebody dyin 😂😂

  • Phil ain’t even Fun

  • 40:01 Nikooooo😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • That man is a clone.

  • niko wanted this video to be all about him, very unfortunate

  • Lol I love phill can he be in more vids plzzzzzz

  • They should get Gordan Ramsay 😩

  • Niko thinks he is a main character

  • Me: Can we get Gordon Ramsay Mom: no we have Gordon Ramsay at home ! Gordon Ramsay at home No offence to Phil by the way :)

  • Light phill is my food tech teacher

  • JJ scared of Phil but he beat Logan Paul 😹😹😹😹

  • Gordon Ramsay vs Phil…

  • the chef is the kind of guy to call jj the n-word

  • 1:00:14

  • I hate nekeo he is really stupid

  • 52:40 I can’t believe these fools actually brought up ad sense revenue and money spilt on the video .... what fukn idiots

  • Pause at 6:02

  • I feel for phill :(

  • When Phil broke character😂

  • Poor man's Gordon ramsay

  • Please tell me no one is actually having any hard feelings about anything

    • @Elijah Singh they are what. ye i know It was an act, just wanted to make sure , so yeah xD

    • yes they are because people r fuckin stupid. mans broke character at 48:30

  • Why the black people have to clean😂😂😂

  • This video was lit. No cap

  • Phil has the awesomess hair out of everyone here.

  • I have just realised there cutting potato's on meat and fish boards. That kitchen would get closed down for cross contamination

  • i wish JJ would have punched phil like he punched wilbur soot that one time

  • Phil is so funny.

  • 38:05 is the funniest thing ever lol.

  • 57:21 toby is so confused but he then just waves pleasantly at Janet 😂😂

  • big up kon cleaning the broken wine on floor and holding the camera too !!!!!!!!!

  • if gordon ramsey would be named Phil

  • Phil is a legend

  • no one: jj: astagfirullah.


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  • 37:57

  • Why is he only getting mad ar the black people there😂😂

  • 39:58

  • 40:00 wow damn

  • 21:38. What is going on in the dunya

  • What happened between Phil and Ethan??? XD

  • Jannet carried.

  • Bro when Phil mentioned Harry and katy breaking up, I felt so bad for Harry as he genially was really upset and wanted to cry

  • Phil x Gordon

  • He’s trying a little bit too hard to be like Gordon Ramsey…

    • I mean, thats his job, this is like a parody of hell's kitchen and Phil nailed the character

  • Plot twist Ethan and Phil are together🤔

  • Phil is one of the best characters. Every video with him is gold.

  • i love seeing phils happy/normal side LMAOOO but hes so funny

  • Relax all of them are being characters

  • put phil in the sidemen

  • Phil is a walmart gordon ramsay

  • 36:40 poor boggo :(

  • we want more of janitt

  • ngl im only watching this video cuz of niko xD

  • 1:14:18 Black's cleaning after whites same old same old.