Objavljeno 23. maj. 2021
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)


🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 JJ (KSI)

🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)


  • Underrated line of the video : “It’s a me Harrio”

  • 39:14 underrated Harry moment, the comedic timing on that

  • 21:48 Tobi got left hanging baaad

  • ethan said astaghfirullah HAHAH

  • I think sideman need 1 men so it become 4v4. Im the man whos missing

  • This video is just Simon carrying his team for 1 hour & 6 minutes💀

  • 49:15 Jj: and just *makes a sound as if he's doing a bj* Ethan: bro, im down i canttttt😭

  • 41:20 anyone noticed jj & simon in the back lmao😂

  • When tobi hits the ball: Nobody: Ethan,JJ and tobi: keep it going going, keep it going going going. Me:🤣🤣 Simon: I’m gonna hate these 3

  • 27:25 I feel like I'm fishing in club penguin

  • Jesus, they're all useless

  • Petition to make the keep going chant an actual music video

  • One camera man got the same hood as harry

  • Ya know, it's kinda like rocket league, they're always blaming their teammates

  • 12:16 the most dedicated camcrew ever bro respect He just sprintin down full gear camera and a tripod

  • 19:47 lol that laugh

  • :>>

  • Hey guys, if u want a good drone pilot I can fly fji drones well and fpv drones, I just never post to my channel

  • 7:31 is jj a jedi?

  • Harry’s epic put!

  • good vid

  • How old are these people?

  • How about sidemen vs f2 football challenges ??

  • Nice but further but return back shot there Harry at hole 2 XD wp

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  • Can we talk about how good Tobi's outfit is in this vid it looks so good

    • Nahhh that shii trash bruhh lmao

  • Impossible but they all did it.

  • Imagine if this was a drinking challenge as well, I reckon that would get a few view's🤙😂

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  • 17:45

  • #KSIMON is real boys

  • Anyone else realise the camera man was wearing a TGF childish hoodie 👊

  • Keep on going going!!!

  • Ethan wearing white Air Force🙉🙉🙈

  • 12:56 zerkaa: shoots ball Pole: access denied

  • Ethan: *Slaps Simon's behind* Simon: "I like that, I like that." 38:48

    • Yeah i was like huh simon is getting more sus everyday 😂😂

  • 19:48

  • When JJ was dancing and saying “I’m gonna putt it” one of his funniest moments! His African accent is comedy gold!

  • Why do i feel bad for josh

  • 1:06:01

  • 59:59

  • Rip jj

  • Tobi did bad bro, I felt sad for JJ 😂😄😂

  • ethan ruined it change my mind

  • Whats that erggh sound every once in a while

  • Big ups to sadstar123

  • yo i made my mom mad by laughing to much no joke

  • Props to the camera man 12:15 he was running to get the shot

  • 5:05 I choked on my own laughter

  • Tobi is cursed in this video lmao

  • 5:06 Fart jokes NEVER get old

  • Ok

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  • part 2 ? im hitting the like button so hard !


  • "Keep on going" hahajhahahah nice video :D

  • So who won the match

  • 17:45 ngl my heart stopped on how gently he struck it 😂

  • Sheeeeesh

  • Omg that shot at 59:56! I jumped backwards!

  • This is the content i want to see. AMAZING VIDEO

  • None of ye would be there without ksi lol

  • 0:06 not the first time jj put something between simon's legs

  • Josh got the ref creps

  • i dont play or watch soccer but enjoyed this vid alot

  • Me watching this: Does nobody use their left foot?

  • 7:30 what is JJ doing 😂😂

  • 'Let's all wear black pants and don't tell tobi'

  • Yes Boy

  • Sidemen, do more gta vids pls, especially with the new update there are new races

  • Ksi needs Toby's help to finish.. 😂😂

  • 42:30 BROOO ☠️☠️☠️

  • 37:00 ☠️☠️☠️

  • God Ethan is annoying. I'd hate to see it but 1 day ksi gonna lay him out.

  • Tobi = Throwbi

  • Keep it goin goin keep it goin goin

  • why does no onemake fun of vik

  • 42:27

  • 1:42 is that dave batista

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  • Josh are trasshhhh

  • 1:01:16 yo this shot was sick

  • 43:10 49:20 jj is so jealous of ethan and simon

  • part two but on the same day!

  • Everyone is complaining but I don't see a single complaint

  • Sadstar123

  • vik is such a nice guy

  • 55:46 are we not gonna talk about how they idiotically placed the camera behind the hole as if that wasn't bound to happen? Cmon.

    • @Mouthfullof_ .

    • @Kino stop breathing, boy.

    • Stop crying

  • Me the entire video “keep on going going keep on going going going”

  • 19:10 even the camera man is shocked that went in

  • Harry always comes after a good line

  • Ain’t no talking bout THROWBIIIIIIIIIIII

  • 31:00 The moment where u can try not laugh 😂😂

  • Deji on the camera

  • Anybody else notice that hole 2 is shaped like a foot

  • I rate Harry for roccin the Faze Champion hoodie.🤝

  • josh getting a soaker was the funniest thing i seen all month ty HAHAHAHAH hes such an idiot LOL

  • there we can see why italien wins