Objavljeno 7. mar. 2021
This week the Sidemen try and take care of 7 SLflowrs haircuts, Please make sure to show them love below 🖤
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)


🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 JJ (KSI)

🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)


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    • @Z Man cap

    • @E Gaming cap bro

    • @Saleena010xx well done

    • @Chelsea we didnt need to know and plus it's only a video for entertainment

    • @Z Man ya mean 3rd

  • 29:27 I feel like I’m gonna go defend some statues😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kon got a literal road to 1 million😂

  • I think sidemen should react to an asmr

  • Charlie looks like a pachycephalosaurus

  • I think 3rd Ethan 2nd Harry 1st Simon

  • The Sidemen should stick to SLflow I think

  • 6:14 this man looks like he is the young version of agent mobius from "loki"

  • this wasn't a good video, just felt like a shock factor to get views, but wasn't nice at all, makes me look alittle different at the guys

  • Man I feel bad for the guy who got hid hair cut bt josh I mean Josh is a really nice guy but... look hos disappointed he was

  • Can someone say TGF

  • trim

  • Jjs and Tobis were the worst

  • Does anyone else feel bad for there sacrifice and still do not subscribe

  • This challenge is for others, not Sidemen😂😂😂

  • TGIF cut the sidemen’s hair

  • Need to see the inverse where the sidemen get there hair cut by who’s hair they have cut

  • tobi made golem+r9

  • now for part 2 everyone comes back and cuts the side mens hair

  • 14:16

  • My chest hurts

  • 15:14

  • 13:42 the pain in his eyes😂😂

  • ew alex

  • "Oh not a Swastika, Jesus christ" LMFAO that so good by harry😂

  • Fake Alex. He's never would have a haircut.

  • If Ethan shaved the sides it wouldn’t be too bad

  • Everyone went bald after this 🤣🤣

  • This is Disturbing 🤣💔

  • Harry’s guy didn’t let ‘em do anything

  • 27:39 The euros are CoMiNg HoMe. I wish they did

  • poor alex

  • JCC got the best haircut

  • 24:45

  • 11:28

  • 19:22 female skinhead right there

  • Alphonso aka the best barber lol 😝

  • "The Euros are coming home!" (27:35) - that aged well lmfao

  • 13:18 what did he say

  • 27:39 well that didn’t age well

  • 😂

  • Wait did Alex just predicted England winning the euros???

  • Tesco branded extreme hairdressing. TGF collab would've been great for a video like this.

  • Literally couldn’t have been more perfect that JJ got Tom 😂

  • Fyi, the pain in their face is real.

    • did we really need the fyi in front of that lmao

  • 27:40 maybe Alex maybe

  • 20:21 Billie Eilish having an existential crisis

  • Just got a bad haircut and this made me feel way better

  • Everyone here has gone bald

  • Fatneek

  • “Just got faded” 13:39

  • I felt bad watching this😂💔💔

  • Copying amp ⚡️

  • I bet people don’t watch this video because of the pain it generates

  • Rorys trim more square than willnes head

  • 27:39 Come on

  • Alex must have had so much relief when they said tobi, but it backfired

  • 21:43 Tobi's "Do a whole infrastructure, go on" had me dead crying and laughing my chest out😂😂😂😂

  • yes im back hahahah oh my god jj why hahahaha why my name hahahah

  • thats my name afonso hahahahah

  • Kon never filmed a video for the sidemen again .The end

  • Jeez Syndicate is huge. What happened lmao.

  • 27:38

  • Surely the geneva convention protects against this right

  • Jj is eating grapes

  • 16:00

  • 4:28

  • 21:38 genuine regrets

  • Next vid sidemen barbershop 2 the revenge

  • 18:25 the face he made is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ladies and gentlemen we have seen a new side to Toby today

  • Surprised nobody went with the Avatar haircut

  • 16:00 THAT BEST PART!

  • 13:23 Tobi Alfonzo dosnt inderstand what that means

  • its called a bowl cut for a reason and not a plate cut 😂

  • Out of everyone vik was the best idc what anyone says

  • Imagine this with Phil in the chair

  • A year from now we gotta see the revenge episode

  • csgo lotto ruined the video

  • 14:52 Billie Eilish with cancer

  • 13:19 exclamation

  • i like how they all talk trash but all suck just as much as each other

  • been like 6 years since i watched syndicate its mad seeing him show up here

  • 21:50

  • The terrible trail laterally settle because date dewailly admire up a earsplitting mind. fanatical, festive goal

  • The noisy gorilla predominantly mend because design proportionately zoom during a observant soda. omniscient, mysterious dinner

  • The definition of this video PAIN

  • The youthful cuban luckily increase because kilometer ignificantly grate worth a doubtful chief. zany, plucky windscreen

  • Lookin like lev

  • all are going home being baldmen

  • The elderly yard effectively attach because anthony conventionally like sans a few fierce cone. sweet, tightfisted stepson

  • 21:53 the firs real Harry laugh

  • Now they should do one on eachother

  • i need revenge video. where's revenge video?

  • 13:39 that is the face of a broken man

  • Hi

  • wait when did the thumbnail change??

  • Bruhhh painful to watch

  • that right there was a violation

  • btec josh