Objavljeno 27. okt. 2019
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)

🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔵 JJ (KSI)



  • Marbeya HAHAHHAHA

  • It’s been a year and still watch this,also someone already said this but sticky vikey and Star Wars where trending on the hub

  • 30,000 vs 300 release date.

  • I enjoy how much fun Vikk Simon and Ethan had

  • beans

  • Their bodyguard was playing mini golf too lol

  • I'm going to be real here, I would prefer the Benidorm holiday on this video

  • 13:02 the lady in front of harry😂

  • came back here after awhile cuz i really like this holiday abroad video, hoping that the pandemic will be gone soon so that we can get the race across europe!

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  • 16:15

  • Doves? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Callux might as well be on the purple team

  • 11:55😂

  • Dhshahdhhthfdh ITS CLOSED!!! -Vik

  • Team Purple !!

  • who else has watched this more than once *teehee*

  • Jj taught me a lesson: always BELIEVE!

  • 57:12

  • where is this?

  • Can we just appreciate the disgusting amount of money this video will have made

  • where is the $10000 place at , where’s is the place and how to book it?

  • 37:51 haha bad beard

  • JJ is the funniest person ive ever seen

  • i think they are both good

  • lift=elevator

  • Im from essex aswell

  • Do more vids with gibbo

  • Purple team looks like they had more fun with the music

  • Josh: Europe = Spain

  • u

  • Ima buy that house one day

  • Best sidemen video

  • These are boring now cus vik and ethen always get the bad stuff and the only reason I watch is cus I watch a lot of vik

  • I believe Josh is the most awkward man in the UK

  • Josh is a man with a big head

  • Tobi is damn lucky

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  • At frist i was like why did try halo sound and finally jj sang it🧡

  • Hi

  • I personally would love to go on the bad holiday if i get to stay at a better hotel.. I like staying out at night and doing fun stuff with my mates

  • watching this during covid like😞

  • I just woke up and was thinking about watching this video and this is the first thing in my recomended

  • We need another video like this really soon

  • 1:53:21

  • 1:11:46 Something u don't wanna hear on vacation 😂😂🤫

  • 13:11😂

  • I feel like I find the “bad” team more interesting, seeing a bunch of SLflowrs exploring a mansion is just kind of bland tbh

    • That's why the we saw more of their trip

  • I love how jj had a orgasem just from smelling the grass

  • Back

  • Fam this isn’t a shower this is a car wash -KSI

  • 1:26:50 Honestly couldnt tell what they were amazed by, her flexibility or the booty XD

  • The purple team had a fun holiday though !!!! It wasn’t luxurious but I would have loved it ngl

  • ide say purple team had a better holiday

    • It wasn’t to bad at the end but orange team was obviously better like 😂

  • 25:15 oh jj jj jjj "the trees are looking blush"

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  • I dont know why ..but i love watching bad team more than good teamm...i guess bad team has more fun🔥🔥

  • the juked me so hard with the thumbnail

  • 2000 people : in 2021 there will be flying cars 2021 people ....writes orange team in yellow colour🙃

  • Ian back again

  • Does anyone know where orange team went?

  • 1:00:00 best part of the entire movie

  • ethan looked so happy at his childhood family holiday place

  • Their security guard was bored for sure 🤣

  • The only time when they understand the pain of the cameraman and come back to old time they were

  • Tbh I think I’d prefer the “bad holiday”

  • Josh is everyone’s sugar daddy at this point

  • Ethan didn't deserve this, he's really good person

  • Am I the only one who’s watched this video multiple times?

  • Moral of the story: Always Believe

  • I just watched 4 and half hours of this

  • Josh it twisted! Love it! Mastermind!

  • 2:10:00 name of the song ?

  • Ethan has been the unluckiest ever throughout the Years of the sidemen.

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  • I’m 28mins in and I’m thinking this is unfair 😂🤣

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  • 13:03 that woman itching her arse

  • If I ever get married I won't my honeymoon to be at orange teams house

  • 2:00:11 How did ethan reach Nobu's ... wasnt he in the bad team ???????

  • Wait did josh send that guy to be there bodyguard or did he acc just follow them ?

  • I went adventure island 🏝 the rides are fun

  • so we have 4 of them eating caviar and a really awesome meal while the others just landed

  • Vik your pissed 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I I

  • Ethan heats josh😂😂😂

  • Ah the pre covid times were good innit

  • Got to stop using the Lords name in vein

  • what is the title of the song its pretty good and the video is great i had fun watching it haha

  • Boccherini minuet when eating caviar lol

  • 10:05 Viks face after Simon said 11

  • Purple team was vibin man

  • 1:37:44

  • 2:34 oh well Ethan

  • The adamant gladiolus willy desert because wave regretfully count notwithstanding a bustling pisces. loud, sick intestine

  • The way Harry pops Out with his ice cream float at 46:38 😂😂

  • i am raging at this right now

  • 1:33:15 Tobi like do yk how much a yacht costs to hire and then harry and jj r clear and just say yh we do